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As a company we see a number of clients buy very expensive CCTV security systems that only tells them the events once they play back the images in the morning. With remote monitoring we see events as they happen and immediately respond. This doesn't just have to be intruders we can also monitor for fire and flood. Using the inputs and outputs on a monitored CCTV security system we are able to provide complete building control this includes: CCTV remote monitoring, card access control systems, operate gates, barriers, fire, intruder alarms, lights on and off, heating on and off, public address systems and panic alarms. We monitor a number of client's who expect and trust us with looking after their buildings after hours. All alarms received by Commercial Safety Consultants monitoring station are viewed and treated as intruders until proven otherwise. We will issue warnings to all suspects by public address, inform clients of any suspicious behaviour at there premises, liaise with local Police and inform them of any anti-social-behaviour and attend court when needed to give evidence when offenders are charged.
CCTV Remote Monitoring Security Solutions
Commercial Safety Consultants CCTV remote monitoring security services can provide you with a complete range of managed surveillance services, including: remote monitoring of your CCTV security system and access control, lone worker protection and asset tracking, facilities management and buildings management systems, security help desk provision with full control room functionality. Across every market sector, CCTV remote security monitoring can significantly improve security management whilst opening up new opportunities to boost performance. Across business and public life, managed surveillance can increase levels of protection for internal and external premises, both occupied and vacant; in any sector. Including: government, defence and highly sensitive industries, commercial property, any single or multi site premises, estates management, such as council estate redevelopments, buy-to-let properties and construction sites, industrial and manufacturing facilities, transport, distribution and logistics networks, schools, universities and campus sites, hospitals and health centres, sport, leisure and hospitality venues, local government, public sector facilities and retail estates. To get the most from remote CCTV security monitoring in any market sector, Commercial Safety Consultants offers a wide range of specialist security guard services and technologies. These can be combined to create tailored solutions with the flexibility to meet your changing needs.
The CCTV Remote Monitoring Experts
With Commercial Safety Consultants CCTV monitoring services you are assured of, swift validation of every security alert and event, 24/7 rapid response management for any alarm, total crisis and contingency management if required, support for any incident from fire to terrorist attack. The Commercial Safety Consultants CCTV security monitoring centre combines the latest electronic surveillance technologies with rapid security guard mobile response capabilities and is fully IP-enabled. As you’d expect from an established market leader in the security sector, the centre is equipped to the most rigorous specifications. It is accredited and can support new value-added digital security services as they come on stream. The centre is fully IP-enabled to enable remote monitoring of any location, at anytime. This ensures that CCTV images, access control information, audio files and any type of digital data or alert can be transmitted live over a secure network to our operators. So, whether you have traditional legacy equipment or the latest digital systems, we can easily set up and support remote CCTV security monitoring for any type of security infrastructure. Our CCTV security operators are intensively trained and fully SIA licensed to interpret events, validate every alarm and act decisively to maintain the smooth running of your facilities. In the event of an incident, they are qualified to liaise with keyholders, the police and emergency services to safeguard your assets at all times.
CCTV Security Remote Monitoring Step by Step
Commercial Safety Consultants CCTV monitoring services take a structured approach to help you get the best value from remote CCTV security monitoring. Using this process, we’ll help to specify and develop a solution ideally tailored to your specifications.
Step 1 - Following a detailed risk assessment, your security systems (CCTV, access control, etc) are connected via broadband or phone line to the Commercial Safety Consultants CCTV monitoring centre.
Step 2 - Any unauthorised activity, significant events or access requests detected by your security systems immediately trigger an alert at the Commercial Safety Consultants CCTV monitoring centre.
Step 3 - Our qualified CCTV operators evaluate live transmissions and all relevant information to validate the situation and take appropriate action, efficiently and effectively.
Step 4 - Commercial Safety Consultants mobile security guard response teams can be deployed, keyholders notified and the emergency services alerted. Afterwards, full details of every incident are available for reporting and compliance.
CCTV Security Remote Monitoring Benefits
CCTV security remote monitoring makes your security investment go further by minimising costs and maximising protection of people, property and assets. It complements your security equipment and manned security guarding, giving you all the benefits of 24/7 protection without the need for a permanently manned security guard presence. CCTV security remote monitoring reduces the cost of employing on site security officers, lowers the costs of managing your own equipment, manages on site resources in line with levels of risk, guarantees an effective response to all alerts, deters crime and increases rates of detection, improves safety and peace of mind for on site staff, reassures your customers that security is a priority, reduces insurance premiums, enables detailed reporting and performance data, ensures a single, convenient point of contact for all your remote surveillance needs.
A Trusted CCTV Security Remote Monitoring Partner
By integrating the right technologies, people and market knowledge with our national network of security resources, we’ll deliver remote CCTV security monitoring solutions that enable long-term cost savings, operational efficiencies and maximum return on investment. Whatever the nature, scale and location of your business, you can trust Commercial Safety Consultants CCTV security monitoring services to manage all your remote monitoring security requirements to the highest professional standards. The starting point is a professional risk analysis to thoroughly assess how remote CCTV security monitoring can add most value to your organisation. Whether you choose CCTV security remote monitoring as a stand-alone service or as part of a comprehensive security solution, we take a holistic approach driven by clear outcomes and risk reduction.

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